Malav, India
January 14, 2009

This day we celebrated the birthday of our Spiritual Masters. January 14, 1913 is the birthday of Swami Shri Kripalvanadaji and January 14, 1981 is the spiritual birthday of our Bapuji, Swami Shri Ashutosh Muni; the day he was initiated as a sanyasi.

This auspicious occasion was commemorated in the most sublimely beautiful yet simple way. Devotees from our family groups around the world were in attendance as we gathered to offer morning arti. The temple itself became an arti lamp; each soul held a ghee light and we moved and sang together as one heart, one love, one soul, one light, functioning as one divine body in worship to our Lord and Masters.

The air was thick with the finest devotional feelings of gratitude, longing and love. The day itself was permeated with a sense of wistful sadness, as the shared feelings of longing to go home, to be with our beloved once and for all were palpable for all.

In the afternoon the US and Icelandic families had darshan with our Bapuji. Bapuji’s mood was somber, as he was missing his Bapuji so much. The Iceland family sang a few songs for Bapuji, and then Bapuji played a beautiful song that Iver, from his Icelandic family had written for him. This song expressed Bapuji’s feelings in a most divine way. We all wanted to cheer Bapuji up, so we offered a lighthearted song, which we had created together for this occasion. It did the trick! Bapuji said nothing else in this world or beyond could have accomplished what that song and our combined joy and love accomplished.

We will sing this song together soon enough and it will be written and rewritten as we grow together as one family in love.

The combined love of every member of our family from near and far and the love for all those we hold dear to our hearts, was offered at the feet of our Divine Masters on this day.

May our love, service and surrender grow by leaps and bounds!

Jai Bhagwan,

Bhakti Prem